Empowered Healing is committed to wellness.  We believe that connecting like minded individuals is important too.  That is why roughly one to two times per year, we offer free wellness retreats to the public at no cost.  Stay tuned about details for our next retreat slated to take place in October of 2017. 




Please join us for a very unique experience.  Sound meditations are a great way to relax, meditate, and feel amazing.  Featuring VJ Herbert, these sessions include vibrational healing through crystal bowls, gongs, and other vibrational healing instrumentation.  Please RSVP to Empowered Healing at (402) 904-5206.  Space is limited. This event costs $20 per person


Scheduled dates include

Sunday, June 11th 3-4 pm

Friday, June 23rd 7:15-8:15 pm

Sunday, July 9th 3-4 pm





Small Group (3-5 people) or Large Group (6-8 peoople) Everyone receives hot towels, essential oil foot soaks, paraffin wax treatments for hands & feet, and a total of 80 minutes (per small group), and 100 minutes (per large group) of massage per party (to be divided up by the party) $175 per small group, $250 per large group


Sound Therapy Sessions for Private Parties

Add a 60-minute sound therapy session to your group event.  This is offered as a stand alone service as well.  Experience one of the most unique experiences in Lincoln, Nebraska!  Instruments such as crystal bowls, metal singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and other vibrational instruments are used to create a one of a kind session for your intimate gathering.  A great way to meditate, relax, and center yourself.  $95 per group


Private parties are available for scheduling on Friday or Saturday evenings, or Sunday late afternoon/evenings. For more information or to schedule a private event, contact Jenni Hansen at (402) 904-5206.

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