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Herbal Seminars

Alex Svoboda of Arise Botanicals offers educational events at Empowered Healing monthly as a community resource to connect people to plants.  Popular topics include cold and flu care, backyard herbalism, fermentation, medicine making and herbal allies for emotional support.  What do you want to learn more about?  Request a class. 

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About Alex

Alex Svoboda of Arise Botanicals is a certified clinical herbalist with a passion for connecting people with the plants around them.  The workshops she leads are engaging and informative.  Alex facilitates a welcoming space where participants are invited to sip a cup of tea while getting to know the herbs they're exploring via taste, touch and smell.  She shares clinical perspectives as well as traditional wisdom to offer an accessible and memorable educational experience.  Participants in Alex's classes receive detailed herbal handouts and recipes to take home with them.

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Current Classes

Join us on March 25, 2019 from 6-8 pm for the next herbal class focusing on herbal allies for depression.

The longest nights of the year take an extra emotional toll on many of us. Join clinical herbalist Alex Svoboda of Arise Botanicals to discuss simple, safe and empowering herbal-care strategies for addressing seasonal and chronic depression. We will gather to explore how to work with herbs on an energetic and physical level while we taste, touch and smell the plants we’re discussing. This herbal approach is offered as a complimentary practice to the many ways in which we heal depression.  Herbal tea will be shared along with a resource packet so you don't have to stress on remembering all the details.  Items from the Arise apothecary will also be available for purchase

Cost is $30 per person. Please RSVP by calling (402) 904-5206 or click the link below to register.