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Upcoming Henna Events

Please join Samantha on Saturday, February 23rd from 4-6 pm and dive into an ancient practice of plant-based pampering and art. Explore the ways self-adornment can be an insightful and empowering tool for expression and appreciation for your body.

In this class we are going to talk about adornment as a self care practice, henna’s use of symbols and their meanings, and how combining them is an incredible opportunity for self reflection and meditation.

Wear loose-fitting clothes that are warm and easy to move in, as well as a sketchbook and something to sit on if needed. 100% Natural henna paste is provided, no outside paste please.

Cost for this event is $40 per person. Please register by clicking the link below or call (402) 904-5206.

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Samantha McCulloch

For thousands of years wearing henna has been used for moments of celebration, meditation, and self expression. Samantha combines her lifetime of creativity years and experience as a licensed massage therapist to breathe new life into this ancient adornment practice. Using 100% natural henna, each piece is hand-drawn with care and intention. She loves sharing the healing possibilities and rich cultures that henna offers through private adornment sessions, parties, classes, and more! Visit her website at www.hennagesserit.com