Vibrational Sound Therapy

Vibrational sound therapy offers a unique meditation experience. Gongs, metal bowls, crystal bowls, and chimes are played during sound sessions. Empowered Healing offers community sound meditations every month by different sound practitioners. Check out below for more details about our sound therapists, what to expect, event dates, and online registration. Private sessions are available on Sunday and Monday evenings with Hope McCulley and Julie Cross. To schedule a private session, click the button below.

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Hummingbird Healers
Hope McCulley (pictured right) is a local jewelry designer featured in area galleries and shows. She is currently a featured artist at Chapin Gallery in downtown Lincoln. Julie Cross (pictured left) is a reiki master, a professional musician, and a former tenured professor. Both were certified in vibrational sound healing from the Atma Buti Sound Therapy & Healing School in Boulder, accredited by the Colorado Department of Education. They love sharing the gift of vibrational sound healing with others, allowing a deep relaxation to facilitate healing and mental wellness.

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Celestial Sounds Ministry

VJ Herbert has 18 years of professional experience in choral composition, and has directed 12 choirs from New York, Chicago, and Kansas City. He has studied vocal music, music theory, and choral composition, at Garden State Academy in Tranquility, N.J. and Doane University in Crete NE. In 2016, VJ was certified as a practitioner through the Vibrational Sound Association.  VJ brings a wealth of information about each instrument and sound for healing.  He currently lives in Kansas City continuing his work as the minister of Music at Ebenezer AME church.

Jennifer Leonard is a vibrational practitioner of sacred sound. In 2016 she started Deva Kula and her ministry began promoting planetary and personal peace through inner power. She joined Celestial Sound Ministry and completed a course in harmonics and Quantum Resonance with Jonathan Goldman in 2017. She has 18 years of experience in yoga and working with the energetic body.

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Upcoming Events

Join Hope and Julie on Saturday, March 9th and/or Saturday March 30th at 7:30 pm for a community sound meditation. Relax your mind, body and spirit with the gentle vibrations of 7-metal Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, and gong. Each bowl emits a soothing sound and vibration which eliminates negative energy and aligns your body with its highest potential. Singing bowls have been used to treat stress-related conditions, improve sleep, and enhance mental clarity. You won’t want to miss out on experiencing the therapeutic effects first hand with Julie Cross and Hope McCulley. Participants will lie on yoga mats as bowls are played at varying proximities to the body (and occasionally on it). For optimal comfort, please wear loose clothing without exposed metal such as zippers, belts, or jewelry. Cost is $20 per person. Cash only for this event, please. Please register by clicking the link below or call us at (402) 904-5206.

Please join us on the evening of Friday, March 22nd, 2109 at 7:30 pm for a sound meditation. Celestial Sound Ministry offers a sound meditation that is a cosmic journey into audio and vibrational healing. The meditation explores sound methods and instruments used around the globe for holistic healing and wellness. Allow the sound waves of each sacred instrument to inspire visions of celestial landscapes while gently relaxing the body. Can sound really do all that? Yes everything vibrates! Let your breath to be the vehicle and join us as we traverse the wonders of inner and outer space  Cost is $25 per person. Cash or local check only for this event, please. Please RSVP by calling us at (402) 904-5206 or click the link below to register.