Vibrational Sound Therapy involves qualified practitioners playing instruments such as gongs, metal bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, and tuning forks to assist individuals in the meditation process. Participants report a variety of benefits including decreased anxiety, mental clarity, and an overall state of well being after sessions. Empowered Healing hosts sound meditations a few times each month on a community basis for individuals. Private sessions are also available on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.

Celestial Sounds Ministry

Celestial Sound Ministry offers a sound meditation that is a cosmic journey into audio and vibrational healing. VJ Herbert and Jenny Leonard comprise Celestial Sounds Ministry . The meditation explores sound methods and instruments used around the globe for holistic healing and wellness. Allow the sound waves of each sacred instrument to inspire visions of celestial landscapes while gently relaxing the body. Can sound really do all that? Yes everything vibrates! Let your breath to be the vehicle and join us as we traverse the wonders of inner and outer space

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VJ Herbert is a Minister of Music, Composer, Healer, and Spiritual Assistant . He has 18 years of professional experience in choral composition, and has directed 12 choirs from New York, Chicago, and Kansas City. He has studied vocal music, music theory, and choral composition, at Garden State Academy in Tranquility, N.J. and Doane University in Crete Neb. In 2012, VJ began his work with music and sound healing. Four years later he was certified as a practitioner through the Vibrational Sound Association.  VJ brings a wealth of information about each instrument and sound for healing.  He currently lives in Kansas City continuing his work as the minister of Music at Ebenezer AME church.

Jennifer Leonard is a vibrational practitioner of sacred sound and movement. She has 18 years of experience in yoga and working with the energetic body. In 2014 she received her 200 hr. certification with Yoga World Reach SEVA School. In 2017 she became certified with Shakti Institute in Sacred Sanskrit and Yoga Nidra. These studies of Tantric Metaphysics, Mantra Yoga and yogic sleep brings a brain-mind-conscious perspective into her spiritual work. In 2017 she completed a course in harmonics and Quantum Resonance with Jonathan Goldman and also joined Celestial Sound Ministry.

Upcoming Events

Please join us for a community sound meditation Friday, September 27th at 7:30 pm. VJ Herbert of Celestial Sounds Ministry will host this event. Sound meditation is an excellent way to relax, center yourself, and find peace of mind in a hectic and busy world. Yoga blankets are provided. Participants are encouraged to bring extra pillows and blankets for more comfort. The cost is $25 per person. Cash only please! Please RSVP ahead of time, as space is limited to 16 people. To register, click the below. We hope to see you there!